Become a host, Share your culture,
and Build meaningful relationships!

Hosting an international student allows you to build meaningful relationships, provide great hospitality, and experience a different culture without leaving the comfort of your home, all while receiving an extra income. Now that’s the perfect staycation!

HomestayMatch is always looking for supportive, compassionate, open individuals who are willing to share their home and culture and learn from others. We make every effort to support you throughout the entire hosting process, from the application process to saying farewell to a new friend.

Here at HomestayMatch, we believe that the students shouldn’t be the only ones who should get a great experience - the hosts should as well.

Becoming a host

If you have a spare bedroom furnished with a bed, desk, and closet space, you’re the right person for the job. In four easy steps you can be on your way to providing hospitality, experiencing culture, and earning extra income, which is EPIC Experience People, Immerse in Culture.

  • 1. Apply

    Once you have completed our easy 4 step application process, our team will receive and review your information. Next, you will hear from one of our team members who will schedule a home visit. We will meet you, verify your location, and check your home conditions.

  • 2. Build an awesome profile

    Your personal profile is your first impression you make as host. Make sure it’s a good one. Tell us about you and your space. Creating your profile is easy but if you need help, don’t worry, we will guide you through it.

  • 3. Connect and Match

    You will receive booking requests from students that would like to stay with you. You can review the booking details such as the student’s name, country, age, duration of stay, etc., and then decide if you’d like to accept the student. All communication is done through our system, keeping your information private until you accept their booking request.

  • 4. Meet, Experience, and Earn

    Once the booking process is finalized and your student settles in, payment will be on the way! All that is left is to enjoy each other’s company, experience the culture exchange, and earn extra income. And before you know it, you will be a master at hosting international students!

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